If you’re in something like oil and gas, mining, or transportation an Alberta union might be your best option. That is assuming, you work for the most part in Alberta. Most workplaces (should hopefully) want you to be safe while you’re working. unitedWhen you’re a member of a union then you are that much more protected.

It goes without saying you deserve it. Even if you aren’t currently the best employee or provide the most value, they won’t be able just kick you out on the street, you must be voted out by a number of people once threatened. This is great for anyone quite fearful of losing their jobs. The only thing that would matter would be large-scale ¬†layoffs due to economic issues. That being¬†said they can still help you with the bad times and severance if it comes to it. Right up until the end they’re there with you and they have your back. You can also leave if you find a new job, you don’t have to stay with a union or in a union for that matter, it typically matters most to where the majority of the employees are. It’s worth checking out, book a free consultation today.


Lisa Robinson

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