The answer is not cast on stone, as it depends upon many factors. Either spouse can bring an application for divorce soon after separating. However, the court will grant the request once it is certain that you have been living away from your other spouse for a period not less than 12 months. Again, the one-year separation rule may not apply in a situation where the applicant proves that the other spouse has been guilty of adultery and cruelty.

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Ordinarily, it will take between 12 to 18 months for any couple to divorce. This period takes into account the amount of time that you and your spouse will need t negotiate all of the disputes that are likely to arise, such as visitation, support and alimony issues. Some spouses reach a consensus sooner while others take longer to resolve the issues.

Once the issues have been resolved and you still think you cannot be reunited, you can come before the court for an uncontested divorce. Processing of the divorce forms after filling them out takes some time and the court will take a bit of time to peruse the papers before granting an uncontested divorce. You can contact the court registry to know how long your case is likely to take. Even after the court grants the divorce, it is not the final stage. You need to wait for 31 days to pass before you are issued with a certificate of divorce. For more guides about divorce Newfoundland applications, go to

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